Cris Morena and Otro Mundo are venturing into the world in search of talent.

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The performing arts program at Camino del Artista is designed for future professionals who combine high-level technical training with a modern and interdisciplinary artistic approach. It's a comprehensive opportunity to grow and develop in the world of performing arts.

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The musical program at Camino del Artista is designed for those with a passion for music and a desire for comprehensive training in various artistic disciplines. We seek creative, passionate, and curious young individuals, ready to lead in the music industry, connected with their surroundings, and willing to take risks.

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The AVANT-MEDIA & PRODUCTION program of the Camino del Artista is aimed at those in the sector who seek to be at the forefront of creativity and how to apply it not only to the development of a story for a script, but also to technology, financial planning and audiovisual production. AVANT-MEDIA is totally hands-on, we learn theory by doing.

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How to audition for the learning programs?

Our registration process consists of the following steps:

  1. Complete your personal information.
  2. Record your video.
    1. Pay attention to the framing, lighting, and sound.
    2. Showcase your skills in dance, singing, acting, playing an instrument, or presenting your creations or compositions.
    3. Remember, you have only 1 minute to introduce yourself and display your talent.
    4. The video format should be .mp4 or .mov and weigh less than 200 megabytes.
    5. If you have more questions, we provide a series of examples in this link.
  3. Once the process is complete, Cris Morena and her team will review your video. If preselected, someone from Otro Mundo will get in touch with you using the contact information provided in the form to guide you through the next steps.
  4. Attention! You must use only one email address for each registration. The system does not allow more than one registration per email address.
  5. For doubts or queries, you can write to us at

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